Steve Haskins Memorial Scholarship

Steve Haskins Memorial Scholarship
Application Deadline: May 15, 2022

The Board of Directors of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society are honored to offer the eighth annual Steve Haskins Memorial Scholarship in 2022.  Dr. Haskins was a pioneer of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care, and his untimely passing remains a huge loss for our profession and society. He was truly an amazing individual who remained a tireless force for the improvement of the lives of animals through advancement of veterinary emergency and critical care.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide support for eligible VECCS members who may not otherwise be able to attend (due to financial limitations) the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Symposium. Dr. Haskins was the only individual to have spoken at every IVECCS meeting, and was presented the President’s Award at IVECCS 2013 to recognize his unique contributions to our Society and specialty. This scholarship was first awarded to eight recipients in 2014 as a way for VECCS to give back to our profession, support our members, and promote the VECCS mission: “Improving access and quality of emergency and critical care to every patient in need”.

The details of the award are as follows:

Qualified Individuals:

Two specific groups may apply –

  1. Residents in good standing in the first or second year of an ACVECC-approved residency training program. Must also be a current VECCS member in good standing through IVECCS 2022.
  2. Licensed veterinary technicians engaged in emergency or emergency/critical care practice for no less than three years. Must also be a VECCS member in good standing through IVECCS 2022.
    NOTE: If you have received the Steve Haskins award in the past you are not eligible to receive another award with the exception that technician scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply for the award after a period of five years.

Scholarship Details:

  • Scholarship Value: Approximately $1,700 per recipient. Each recipient will receive a $500 stipend to cover travel and incidental costs plus complimentary four-night hotel stay at an IVECCS-approved conference hotel location, IVECCS 2022 registration, and VECCS membership for one year. If you can only attend virtually, you will still receive base registration, but no travel stipend will be offered.
  • Number of scholarships: Four scholarships for technicians and four scholarships for residents will be awarded for 2022.

Date Target:

Applications will be accepted through May 15, 2022, 11:00 PM EDT.  Scholarship recipients will be notified in June 2022.


  • Only the named recipient can use this award for IVECCS 2022. If you know that you are not able to attend the meeting for 2022 (in person or virtually), please do not apply. If you receive the award and are unable to use the award for 2022 for any reason, your award will be forfeited and the award will be made to the next eligible person from the applicant pool.
  • If you have agreed to participate in IVECCS 2022 to a level that your travel expenses are already paid to include airfare and hotel, please do not apply for this award.

Click “Start entry”, under program select “IVECCS”, then under category select “Scholarships/Grants”, then “Steve Haskins Memorial Scholarship”.

DEI Scholarship

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship
Application Deadline: June 17, 2022

VECCS, ACVECC and AVECCTN are excited to announce the launch of diversity, equity and inclusion focused scholarships to support attendance at IVECCS 2022. IVECCS is an amazing chance to experience all that a career in Emergency & Critical Care has to offer as well as to get some great CE!

Several scholarships are available and are open to:

  • Veterinary students
  • Veterinary technician students currently enrolled in an accredited program
  • Veterinary technicians who have graduated from an accredited program in the past year

The awards will all include:

  • Complimentary IVECCS registration
  • $1000 to cover travel and accommodation expenses
  • Expected to moderate IVECCS lecture sessions
  • Admission to the IVECCS Speaker & Moderator reception – a great opportunity for early career attendees to network with leaders in the field

Given the uncertainty around international travel this year, the scholarships are available to US based attendees only. We look forward to expanding this program to international attendees for future conferences.
The applications will be assessed by a joint group of VECCS, ACVECC and ACVECCTN members and winners will be notified by Tuesday, July 5th.

Click “Start entry”, under program select “IVECCS”, then under category select “Scholarships/Grants”, then “IVECCS DEI Scholarship”.

Royal Canin Scholarships

Royal Canin Scholarships 2022
Deadline for applications June 1, 2022

Generously sponsored by:

Royal Canin is supporting new veterinarians by offering scholarships to attend the 2022 IVECCS. Scholarship recipients will receive a coupon code which covers a full in person base registration to IVECCS in San Antonio, TX from September 7-11th.

10 scholarships will be available for any early career veterinarian (graduated from an accredited college of veterinary medicine in 2012 or later) and 5 scholarships for ECC specific interns.

Applications must be received by June 1, 2022.

Live in the United States or Canada
Graduated from an accredited college of veterinary medicine in 2012 or later
Must complete application and show proof of participation in ECC focused internship

Click “Start entry”, under program select “IVECCS”, then under category select “Scholarships/Grants”, then “Royal Canin IVECCS Scholarship”.

MedVet TLC Student Travel Grant

MedVet TLC Student Travel Grant 2022
Deadline for applications July 1, 2022

Generously sponsored by:

VECCS is excited to partner with MedVet to provide travel stipends for vet & vet tech students to attend IVECCS 2022 in San Antonio, TX!

MedVet will be providing:
(4) $500 travel stipends for students driving to IVECCS
(4) $1000 travel stipends for students flying to IVECCS
(4) $500 travel stipends for veterinary technician students driving/flying to IVECCS

Students will be required to volunteer at least two half-days at IVECCS and attend the Student-Intern-Resident reception where travel stipends will be awarded.

Recipients will be selected at random and announced on July 15th, 2022

Click “Start entry”, under program select “IVECCS”, then under category select “Scholarships/Grants”, then “MedVet TLC Student Travel Grant”.

Credential Grant

Credential Grant
Application Deadline: May 31, 2022

The Board of Directors for the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society (VECCS) continues to reinvest the returns from the Society’s investment portfolio back into the profession and support our organization’s purpose “To promote the advancement of knowledge and high standards of practice in veterinary emergency medicine and critical patient care”.

As such, we are committed to recognizing the effort, commitment and sacrifice that goes into achieving ACVECC Diplomate or VTS (ECC) status. We have instituted two $10,000 awards for new diplomates or VTS (ECC) who successfully achieved this status in the 2021 examination.

Please complete the information below to be considered for the credential grant offered for diplomates of ACVECC and VTS (ECC) of AVECCTN who successfully completed their credential in 2021.

Click “Start entry”, under program select “IVECCS”, then under category select “Scholarships/Grants”, then “Credential Grant”.