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More than 4,000 veterinary professionals attended IVECCS 2022 either in-person or virtually and 2023 will likely exceed that. The Theme for IVECCS 2023 is “Emergency and Critical Care & Gastrointestinal Tract”. The theme will be integrated into 40 hours of RACE approved scientific program presentations.

Attendee Demographics


IVECCS is attended by the most progressive veterinarians, technicians, and practice managers representing specialty/referral practice, general practice, academia, and research institutes. IVECCS brings together highly motivated and forward-thinking professionals searching for the latest in technology, equipment, instruments, pharmaceuticals, and information management tools.


IVECCS 2023 Marketing/Branding Opportunities

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IVECCS 2023 Exhibit Hall New Spaces

New “Puppy Chill Lounge”

New “New Product Showcase”

CPR Battle Pavilion